Merchant Referral Program

Who is our program for?

If your organization has a customer base that should or currently accepts payment with Credit or Debit cards then we have a program for you. Our merchant referral program is designed to work within your existing company policy and guidelines.

What does our program do for you?

  1. Generate an additional revenue stream that builds a significant asset.
  2. Provides a sales and support team acting on your behalf to support the referrals from the program and deliver the best possible experience for your customers or members of your association.
  3. Complete integrated marketing strategy (IMS) to build trust & awareness over time with your customers or members and creative promotions to help accelerate your growth goals.
  4. Reduced attrition is a noteworthy by-product of adding a program like this to your core product or service offering.
  5. Your organization can now be viewed as the “Single Source Supplier” from the positive experience delivered by a program like this, with out the time & expense typically associated with creating one.

How does the program work?

  1. We walk you through our program overview to see if there is a synergistic fit.
  2.  Then we schedule a brief but detailed “ Discovery call” to gather some facts.
  3.  We deliver a process for supporting the lead referral and tracking of the program.
  4. You earn revenue from the Strategic Partnership.

Our management team offers a unique understanding of adding value and improving relationships between our partners and their member or customer.


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Merchant Support

In the unlikely event you require support for any of our products and services you can rest assured WorldPay’s 24 / 7 customer support line is their for your convenience. Please have your merchant or terminal number for faster service. 1-800-200-5965 option (3)



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